Make Mini Hina-Ningyo, Japanese Dolls for Girls’ Day

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Do you know Hina Ningyo?

It is Japanese Doll displayed from the end of Feb to the Girls’ festival Hinamatsuri on March 3rd . The festival is held to pray for girls’ health and happiness. Families with girls display beautiful doll sets, Hina Ningyo.

At this workshop we will make mini Hina dolls which you can display even on a small table as a cute interior. Let’s enjoy chatting and eating snacks for Girls’ festival while making dolls. This workshop will be held in both Japanese and English with a very small group. Any nationality is welcome!

◆Class schedule◆ Japanese/English

Meeting time: 10:00AM, Workshop : 10:15AM-12:00PM

*Learn basic information about Girls' Festival and Dolls

*Make your own Hina Dolls and enjoy chatting, drinking, and eating Girls' Day snacks

*Bring dolls you made back to your home and display it!!

◆What to bring◆

Just bring yourself


Hatch Cowork + KIDs It's a coworking space with KIDs room!

◆How to attend◆

Please register by pressing the button “Get Ticket”

***You have to pay in advance by Feb 14th for this event**

since we order materials on 15th . Thanks for your cooperation!


2,500 JPY/person (includes snacks, drink, and material fee)

Contact: info@pastel-be.com

Produced by Field Trip + http://fieldtripplus.com/




【日時】2013222 10:00集合 10:15 -12:00ワークショップ

【場所】Hatch Cowork+KIDs (東京メトロ 赤坂見附駅 徒歩5)

【料金】 2,500/ (お菓子、飲み物、材料費含む)


【締切】2013.2.14 () 15:00 **募集人数が少ないため申し込みはお早めに!

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Sat Feb 22, 2014
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM JST
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